Large Sensor Acquisition for the Corporate and Event Videography Singapore

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The Sony NEX-FS100 is professional movie camera that is a game changer for corporate and function video producers. Traditional professional translators utilize three relatively small CCD or CMOS sensors – one for red, blue, and green. This was fine for SD video acquisition however with HD video production, somewhat 1/3 or 1/2 detector is too small for good HD acquisition. So as to acquire a HD picture, manufacturers resorted to a combination of smaller picture destinations on the detectors and interpolation. Both of those procedures lead to a noisy image, which can be challenging for the movie camera’s video codec.

This left a great deal of space for improvements and it was a Canon photo DSLR that solved the issue the Canon 5D MKII. It featured a full frame 35mm sensor and recorded HD video using a shallow profundity of field, that is the ability to get a camera to have the subject in focus and the fore-and background out of focus. This corporate videography singapore is also referred to as booked or defocus and is only possible with a large detector.

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Canon released two extra video competent DSLRs, the Canon 7D and 60D, yet all three were confined by short 12 minute recording times and not having professional audio inputs. Despite this, many professional video production companies made the change to DSLRs for movie production as the advantages better picture and shallow profundity of field were esteemed more important than the sound or record time constraints.

So as to compete against Canon’s three movie DSLRs, Panasonic and Sony both declared video camera bodies with large detectors that utilized SLR lenses. The Panasonic AG-AF100 premiered in late 2010 and the Sony NEX-FS100 in 2011. Although not as big as the full frame 5D sensor, the AF100’s 4/3 sensor and the FS100 Super35mm sensor were comparable in size to the detectors on the 7D and 60D and could create images with a shallow depth of field.