Steps to glam up with clip in hair extensions

Hair extensions are nearly everywhere. Whether you see Hollywood movies, spend a few hours gluing your eyes on TV shows, become a spectator at a red carpet event or flip through the pages of magazines, it is impossible not to see the fad that is human hair extension. No wonder why normal women would want to test hair extension. By doing this, they can match a very long hair without really growing their hair out. But this craze is regarded as a luxury as it involves you to shell out some money. The fantastic thing is that, you are able to do all of the clipping yourself. Clip in hair extensions are terrific for those who wish to do it at home and do it by themselves. The next question is how to perfectly do the clip extensions to make them look natural, professional and remain for long.

Clip in hair extensions

  1. Apply pressure to the sides of each clip with your thumbs to open and close it.
  2. Separate your hair into left side, right side and rear. Begin with the back piece whilst securing the side bits.
  3. Start in the hair on your nape. Create a horizontal part by drawing a comb from one ear to another. Clip hair over the line to keep it off.
  4. Choose the extension or weft which has the exact same width as the flat part. The natural hair part should be lightly teased to keep the clips in place.
  5. Insert the middle clip into the source of the natural hair. Snap either side to secure the clipped hair. Brush the organic and clip in hair extensions to combine. Make sure that the weft is firmly attached to the hair.
  6. Next, remove the clip holding the hair over the extension together. Use a comb to make another 1/2 into 1 inch ear-to-ear part above the formerly attached extension.
  7. Following the same measure, insert another weft. Begin at the root of the next part then set the clips to the natural hair. Close to the clips and brush lightly to secure it. Go on making horizontal components as you move up the back of your mind and attach clip extensions. Always check that each weft is attached and no trace is visible.
  8. Make horizontal parts over the ear so now you can attach side pieces and insert the weft in precisely the identical method. Complete the other side also.
  9. If you would like to eliminate wefts, open those as pulling out them can damage the hair. Check over sassina to get additional notes about hair extension.

With this do-it-yourself clip in hair extensions measures, now you can feel like you really belong to the glamorous world of the red carpet or of those glossy magazine pages.